Wed Aug 24 2016

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Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Posted in Exercise / Fitness, Women's Health

You know, we talk about it all the time and it is frustrating. Losing weight after a pregnancy can be difficult to deal with. One of the things I often tell patients is not to feel as if they are going to lose it all at once. What they have to understand is it can [&hellip

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Effects of Stress on Health

Posted in Ache / Pain, General Medicine, Men's Health, Women's Health

There is no doubt that stress can play a major role in our lives and our health. There are numerous studies to suggest this, but two reports bring home the point quite dramatically. The first report looked at increased incidence of depression in our veterans of war. The latest study finds that sleep disorders strike [&hellip

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Taking Multiple Medications Can Cause an Allergic Reaction

Posted in Health Conditions

Multiple Medications and Allergies  Multiple medications can be associated with allergies.  The thing about multiple medications is we don't necessarily think of it that way.  We think of taking one or two medications, but they can interact and cause problems together that individually they don't.  That is one of the concerns about multiple medications.  We [&hellip

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Treating Ear Infections in Children

Posted in Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, The Body, Women's Health

We know that ear infections are problematic in children. I think the big issue with ear infections that we as parents and as doctors have to be aware of is that ear infections can occur at any time when a child is young. They can be extremely painful, but you have to see if there [&hellip

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Frustration of Dealing with Chronic Pain

Posted in Ache / Pain, Men's Health, Mental Health, Women's Health

Chronic pain is difficult in many respects. First of all, you have the pain, which is one issue. But in addition to the fact you have the pain, you have to realize that you have the chronicity of it and the frustration of having the pain day in and day out. People often are weakened [&hellip

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