Thu Oct 23 2014

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Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Posted in General Medicine, Sex Health

This is not one of those medical topics that people talk about openly, but perhaps they should.  It's called hypoactive sexual desire disorder, or  HSDD.  According to it's medical definition, it's the lack of sexual desire or fantasies which cause the individual to be stressed enough to have personal or relationship issues as a result.  [&hellip

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Hand Washing Prevents Spread of Infections

Posted in Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics

You want to prevent infections in kids?  I say the most important thing is to make certain that you wash your hands.  Washing hands is critical and it helps to stop the spread of viruses and other problems.  There is also another reason for washing hands.  Now that we're talking about viral issues and problems [&hellip

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Dealing with Sore Eyes

Posted in Men's Health, Pain & Stress, The Body, Women's Health

You hear the phrase, ‘a site for sore eyes.’ Well clearly, sore eyes can be a problem and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re looking at something undesirable. More and more people working on the computer or working in high allergy-related workplace stations are having problems with sore eyes. What I suggest is you try [&hellip

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Understanding Anorexia

Posted in Fitness, Men's Health, Mental Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Women's Health

One of the biggest problems we find with teenagers is the battle with anorexia. Anorexia nervosa is a problem where people lose weight, and they lose the weight over time because it’s a body image problem. They believe that they are still overweight when, in fact, they’re getting thinner and thinner and wasting away. Anorexia [&hellip

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Migraine Headaches and Prodrome Period

Posted in Men's Health, Pain & Stress, Women's Health

Migraine headaches can cause a great deal of pain, but one of the ways we tell if someone has a migraine is by looking and seeing if they have a prodrome. That is a period where they feel the pain coming on. When they feel that sensation of pain coming on, they might have a [&hellip

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