Mon Jul 06 2015

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Knowing the Side-Effects of Your Medications

Posted in Pharmacy

It's important when we talk about medications, we have to know the side-effects.  Side-effects can be critical, and it is essential that you just don't know the way a drug works, but the side-effects.  You're probably saying, "I'm the patient, why do I have to worry?"  Your doctor will tell you certain things, but you [&hellip

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Allergy Medications and Drowsiness

Posted in Health Conditions, Men's Health, Women's Health

Drowsiness can be associated with allergies.  When I usually see drowsiness with my patients is when I have someone who is reacting to a medication they've taken.  In other words, they're drowsy because they've been given something with side-effects that make them drowsy.  I think that's a very important point because drowsiness in and of [&hellip

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A Look at Nickel Allergy

Posted in Health Conditions

I haven't talked about this one for a while.  It's something that's easy to forget about and not think about, but for people who suffer from it, they never forget about it.  I'm talking about allergy to nickel.  I'm not talking about nickels that you'll find in your pocket and use as currency, I'm talking [&hellip

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Getting Treatment for STDs Is Essential

Posted in Pharmacy, Sex Health

They are called sexually transmitted diseases and they are embarrassing to talk about.  I know that and people who suffer from them know it.  But the bottom line is if you don't get them treated, and you don't deal with the problem and don't have your partner treated, it can cause all sorts of problems [&hellip

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Connecting with Your Doctor May Affect Your Health

Posted in 123MyMD

Health care in the United States is often fragmented and uncoordinated.  It is common for patients to receive episodic care from different physicians.  A new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, however, finds that patients who are connected to a specific primary care physician are more likely to receive guideline-consistent care than those who [&hellip

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