Sun Jun 26 2016

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Iron Supplementations

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Iron supplementation definitely can be very effective. When you give iron supplements to people, often you’re trying to help them with a problem like anemia. The problem with iron supplementation is it can make the feces dark. So when you look at the toilet, the stool can be very dark, almost giving the impression like [&hellip

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Smoking and Women

Posted in Health Conditions, Pharmacy, Women's Health

Cigarette smoking is a problem, but did you realize it can be more dangerous for women then men? It’s obviously deadly for both men and women, but in women’s case, it can have a devastating toll, because it has a more negative effect on risks for heart disease and stroke. Women are more likely to [&hellip

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Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer Risk

Posted in Cancer, Women's Health

Hormone replacement therapy increases a woman’s risk for breast cancer, and now additional analysis from the Women’s Health Initiative shows that when HRT is stopped, the risk declines, more or less sealing the cause and effect relationship.  Ben Park, a breast cancer expert at Johns Hopkins, comments

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Cough Can Be a Side-Effect of Hypertension Medications

Posted in Allergies, Blood Pressure, Heart Health, Medications

Heart disease is not a problem that's associated with allergies.  Very few people have been able to link anything associated with heart difficulties with allergies, but we have a reverse problem.  Sometimes, people take medications for heart disease and as a result, they have allergies to those medications.  A perfect example is the ACE antagonists.  [&hellip

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Detergents Can Cause Allergic Reactions

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When I have patients who come up with dry skin, new allergies, rashes, and those sorts of things, one of the first things I ask is, "Have you had any new soap or detergent?"  The reason I mention detergents is detergents are very commonly a cause of allergies.  Those detergents can really make things worse [&hellip

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