Sun Apr 20 2014

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Gardasil Vaccine for HPV

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It’s been less than a year that the Food and Drug Administration approved a vaccine called Gardasil. It’s expected to be one of the most popular vaccines given, but it is controversial. The vaccine is designed to target four strains of Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, which have been linked with cervical cancer. HPV is

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The GRACE Program Provides Quality Health Care for Senior Citizens

Posted in Elder Health, General Medicine

Quality Health Care for Seniors  One of the biggest challenges in medicine today is to provide quality health care for our senior citizens.  Of course, one of the biggest barriers that seniors face is getting to the doctor's office in the first place.  According to very interesting research in the Journal of the American Medical

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Joint Laxity in Girls

Posted in Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, The Body, Women's Health

Joint laxity is clearly a situation that can occur especially in young girls and it can lead to injuries.  Joint laxity is helpful for flexibility, it's helpful for a full range of motion, but the problem with joint laxity is it doesn't keep the ligaments and the muscles in a situation where they're going to

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Study Finds Cigar and Pipe Smoking Doubles the Risk for Developing COPD

Posted in 123MyMD

In the United States, pipe and cigar smoking has increased in recent years because some believe it is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.  Most are aware that cigarette smoking is the major cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  While the harmful effects of cigarette smoking have been well documented, few studies have examined

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Treating Ear Infections in Children

Posted in Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, The Body, Women's Health

We know that ear infections are problematic in children. I think the big issue with ear infections that we as parents and as doctors have to be aware of is that ear infections can occur at any time when a child is young. They can be extremely painful, but you have to see if there

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