Mon Apr 27 2015

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Study of Weight and Workplace Injuries

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When someone is overweight, there’s a greater chance of developing back and knee problems. It would seem this would be the case in jobs that required a great deal of manual labor or legwork, but according to a report from Johns Hopkins University, they actually suffer a broad range of injuries. The Hopkins scientists decided [&hellip

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Importance of Taking Blood Pressure Medications

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I probably don’t talk about it enough, but one of the major problems for people is that they don’t take their blood pressure medication over a lifetime. When they don’t take it, they can get heart failure or a weak heart. Now, there are other causes of heart failure. One of the most important is [&hellip

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Aspirin Allergy

Posted in Health Conditions

There are people who are allergic to aspirin.  People who are allergic to aspirin actually find out quite early in life because aspirin is in many products.  So, if you are allergic to aspirin, you probably know it by now.  We do see people who have a certain series of issues associated with it.  For [&hellip

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Cyclical Nature of PMS

Posted in Women's Health

Premenstrual syndrome used to be laughed at, and we’ve talked about this quite a bit, how at one time it wasn’t taken seriously. Now, we realize that PMS is a real entity, and the way you can tell is it is associated with the menstrual flow. If you’re someone who notices you’re having symptoms, whether [&hellip

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Dealing with Milk Intolerance

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Can you be allergic to milk? Well a lot of people actually have a problem with an enzyme. They may not have enough of an enzyme to deal with lactose, and as a result, milk can cause diarrhea and problems associated with it. What I often recommend is that you actually try to have soy [&hellip

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