Tue Mar 03 2015

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Osteoporosis and Heart Disease Prevention

Posted in Fitness, General Medicine, Health Conditions, Women's Health

I was taught in medical school that a woman is protected from heart disease and osteoporosis until she goes through menopause, but like many things we’re taught in medicine, times change and knowledge evolves. Experts at Wake Forest have tested this theory and their research suggests that the time to start protecting your heart and [&hellip

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Female Athletes and Knee Injuries

Posted in Fitness, The Body, Women's Health

Knee injuries occur more commonly in female athletes, and the problem is it has to do with joint laxity. The ligaments, actually, can be a little more loose, and as a result, there’s more chance for increased flexibility and movement. That movement can actually cause problems with the tendons and ligaments. My feeling is if [&hellip

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A Look at the Gardasil Vaccine

Posted in General Medicine, Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Sex Health, Women's Health

The Gardasil vaccine may not be cost-effective for women in their 20's.  The vaccine against human papilloma virus was licensed in 2006 for use in girls and women aged 9 to 26.  The government has funded a study, it was performed at Harvard, and it found the HPV vaccine is very cost effective when given [&hellip

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Pectoral Tightness and Back Pain

Posted in Pain & Stress, The Body

The pectoral muscles can have pain and there's a surprising aspect about them.  If you're someone who has back tightness, you may find that a lot of that tightness is associated with pectoral tightness.  The front of the chest actually is a way to see where there are problems.  Sometimes, people actually think they have [&hellip

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Aspirin and Reye’s Syndrome

Posted in Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Women's Health

You might have heard that aspirin is not good for children. It’s not. It can be linked with a problem called Reye’s Syndrome. Reye’s Syndrome is a neurologic issue. It is associated with taking aspirin. Now, aspirin in older age groups is fine. In fact, as you know, it is the wonder drug. It does [&hellip

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