Tue Sep 30 2014

Healthy Living Tips

Two Stories: Coffee & Mortality; Diabetes & Hearing Loss

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Previous studies have found both favorable and unfavorable relationships between coffee drinking and death. However, recent studies link coffee drinking to less risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer, which supports the hypothesis of a beneficial effect of coffee. People with diabetes have difficulty extracting and storing energy from food. [&hellip

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Quality of Life Issues and Medical Treatment

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What is your quality of life? I bet you haven’t heard the doctor ask you at a recent visit to the office things like this. Well the truth of the matter is, doctors are trained to focus on disease, and the diagnosis and treatment of problems. But when you really think of it, your quality [&hellip

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Identifying Pills

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A new study conducted at Rush Medical College in Chicago has found that just by looking at them, doctors and pharmacists could not correctly identify three common pills more than one-third of the time. There are many who have expressed criticism of this, but with so many medications out there, I’m not surprised. I can’t [&hellip

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Addicted to the Internet

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You know, this got a lot of attention when it first happened and then it has kind of fallen in the background, but it’s still a big issue. It’s called being addicted to the Internet. Many people are addicted to the Internet. They actual use the Internet far more than they should and they cannot [&hellip

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Ear Infections in Young Children

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Kids who talk about the pain of otitis media will tell you that it can be downright severe. One of the problems with otitis media and the pain associated with it is it causes a pain where children will actually tell you that they’re suffering. They’ll tell you and point to the ear. That’s one [&hellip

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