Wed Nov 26 2014

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Smoking and Deep Venous Thrombosis

Posted in Women's Health

DVTs can occur.  They're called deep venous thromboses and what they are are little clots in the lungs.  Those clots, which can actually go to other parts of the body, in particular, when they go from the leg to the lungs, they can cause difficulties breathing and they can cause severe problems.  DVTs actually have [&hellip

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Risk Increases for Heart Attack or Sudden Cardiac Death Shortly After Episodic Physical Activity and Sexual Activity

Posted in 123MyMD

Heart attack and cardiac arrest are major causes of illness and death every year in the United States.  Decreasing the risk of these events is associated with being physically active on a regular basis. However, a new study finds certain people engaging in periodic physical activity and sexual activity may have an increased risk for [&hellip

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Common Sense Tips for Preventing Accidental Drownings

Posted in General Medicine, Parenting & Pregnancy

Preventing Accidental Drownings  It happens every summer, especially as we get to the end of the summer, people are a little more careless.  We hear scattered reports from different beaches or swimming pools about accidental drownings.  Sadly, many people fail to take the necessary precautions to help avoid problems.  The most obvious is learning to [&hellip

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Migraine Headaches Affect More Women than Men

Posted in Women's Health

Men and women suffer from migraines, but if you look at the statistics, women tend to have more migraines than men. Now, there’s a couple things about migraine headaches you should know about. First all, they are often preceded by we call an aura. That’s actually a feeling that something is going to happen. This [&hellip

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Being Aware of Perimenopause

Posted in Elder Health, Women's Health

Perimenopause is a time in a woman’s life that often doesn’t get the attention it should. Things are usually hectic, things are usually frustrating and there may be symptoms of menopause coming on early. This is usually a time in a woman’s forties. She’s not really thinking about menopause or the problems associated with it, [&hellip

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