Sun Oct 26 2014

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Human Papilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer

Posted in Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Sex Health

It is called the human papilloma virus.  The human papilloma virus is the cause of vaginal and penile warts.  Human papilloma virus has a very big importance beyond that.  It has been linked with cervical cancer in women.  Certain forms of HPV actually can ultimately develop into cancer.  That's why it's important and why there [&hellip

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Using Simpler Antibiotics First

Posted in Men's Health, Pharmacy, Women's Health

There are many antibiotics out there and I think it’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to have one specific antibiotic that works. I often will use the simpler antibiotics in somebody when I first see them. I don’t want to use my big guns. If I use my big guns, I get big side [&hellip

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You Cannot Ignore Heart Pain

Posted in Health Conditions, Men's Health, Pain & Stress, Women's Health

You cannot ignore heart pain. Heart pain is something that is a sign of potential problems. Of course, you don’t necessarily know it’s your heart and what’s going on, you just feel a sense of fullness or tightness. That sense of fullness, tightness or pressure can be debilitating, and the thing you have to realize [&hellip

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Prenatal Care is Essential

Posted in Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Women's Health

Prenatal care may be the most important form of care that anyone has. Think about it, if you’re taking care of a mother while she is pregnant, or in that area of time before she becomes pregnant, you are affecting not just mom, but you’re affecting another life-the unborn baby, or even babies. What you [&hellip

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Treating Allergic Reactions in the Nose

Posted in Health Conditions, Men's Health, The Body, Women's Health

In our previous report, we talked a little bit about runny nose and the fact that steroid medications can help. But we often don’t go to them as a first choice. We clearly want to look at other medications and find out if they actually can do a better job, or if, in fact, it’s [&hellip

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