Fri Mar 24 2017

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Perimenopause Is a Real Health Problem

Posted in Women's Health

It is called perimenopause and it is a very real health problem.  Perimenopause is a situation where, during the time leading up to menopause, there are changes.  These changes may not be as dramatic as the changes that occur in menopause, but they do occur and they slowly but surely start to take hold.  I'm [&hellip

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Statin Drugs May Help Stroke Victims

Posted in Blood / Arteries, Medications, Stroke

Statins could theoretically help after a stroke.  People who take cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins after a stroke may be less likely to have a second stroke later.  They also have a lower death risk over the ten years following their initial stroke.  Researchers studied 794 people who had strokes and found that those taking statins [&hellip

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Evaluating Sick Building Syndrome

Posted in Health Conditions, Men's Health, Women's Health

It is called sick building syndrome and, yes, it is a real problem.  No, the building is not sick.  What is sick is people's reactions to problems in the building.  I think that's a very important thing to look at.  When you look at sick building syndrome, we look at if the person is having [&hellip

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Evaluating Calf Tenderness

Posted in The Body, Women's Health

Calf tenderness is a problem which definitely has to be looked into.  It's a key issue because if it's ignored, it can lead to problems associated with a rupture or a pull of a muscle in the calf.  That's important because that's not as easy to treat as the simple calf tenderness.  People who have [&hellip

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Controlling Diabetes During Pregnancy

Posted in Health Conditions, Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Women's Health

Diabetes is a very important medical issue, especially when it's associated with pregnancy.  Women who suffer with diabetes during pregnancy actually have a greater risk of developing diabetes when they get older.  It's very important that diabetes be controlled during pregnancy as well because in that period of if it's not, it can affect the [&hellip

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