Fri Oct 31 2014

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Invisible Friends are Normal

Posted in Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Women's Health

They are called invisible friends. A lot of parents get upset if their child has an invisible friend, wondering when it’s going to go away and when they’re going to forget about it. Here’s the bottom line, there is nothing wrong with having an invisible friend. It’s actually a normal phase of development and it [&hellip

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Fibromyalgia Is a Real Diagnosis

Posted in General Medicine, The Body

Fibromyalgia was once considered what we in medicine call a waste basket diagnosis. In other words, we couldn’t figure out why someone has symptoms of pain and as a result, called it fibromyalgia. However, the American College of Rheumatology actually has recognized fibromyalgia as a very real problem with a specific set of symptoms. Back [&hellip

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Being Prepared for Bee Sting Allergies

Posted in Health Conditions, Men's Health, Women's Health

We’re just getting to that point where the bees are getting angry this time of year. They come out, it’s starting to get a little colder, and they are stinging. If you’re someone who has had problems with bee stings in the past, you want to talk to your doctor about the possibility or need [&hellip

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Menopause and Getting More Out of Life

Posted in Elder Health, Mental Health, Women's Health

It’s a question we all ask. Getting more out of life. But it is a very big question that women ask right around the time of menopause, actually during the perimenopausal period, as it’s called. There is a feeling that the hormones FSH and LH may actually change in the amount of which they are [&hellip

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What Is Gout?

Posted in Men's Health, Pain & Stress, The Body, Women's Health

Gout is one of those medical problems that we talk about on occasion, but people don't really understand exactly what it is.  It's real simple.  When it comes to gout, it's a matter of a problem with metabolism of what we call purines.  These specific chemicals in the body can actually affect the way the [&hellip

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