Tue Dec 06 2016

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Pregnancy Can Cause Temporary Vision Changes

Posted in The Body, Women's Health

There are changes with vision that occur in pregnancy and a lot of women aren't aware of it.  This is not the time you want to get glasses or you want to get contact lenses or you want to have a refractory period for your eyes.  What you want to do is, more or less, [&hellip

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Does Stress Cause Allergies?

Posted in Ache / Pain, Health Conditions, Men's Health, Women's Health

There are situations where stress can make allergies worse, but in and of itself, stress is not the cause of allergies.  I think it's very important that you recognize that.  For people who have to deal with stress on a regular basis, they sometimes say that the stress is the problem, but that's not the [&hellip

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Anaerobic Metabolism Causes Lactic Acidosis

Posted in Ache / Pain, Exercise / Fitness, Men's Health, The Body, Women's Health

It is called lactic acidosis, and what you’re talking about is pain in muscles from using what we call anaerobic metabolism. People often will do exercise and they will push themselves beyond what they should. They will end up using up all their oxygen, and when they do use up their oxygen, they then take [&hellip

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Treating Otitis Media Ear Infections

Posted in Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, The Body, Women's Health

Otitis media is the common ear infection that children get. What’s interesting about otitis is that it was often always thought of as a bacterial infection. As time has gone on, we have learned to realize that otitis is more of a viral issue and we don’t always have to throw antibiotics at it. Otitis [&hellip

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Facts about Ovarian Cancer

Posted in Health Conditions, Women's Health

It isn’t talked as much about as other forms of cancer, but ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers. One in fifty-seven women develop ovarian cancer, and there have been several studies which have shown it runs in families. The major problem with ovarian cancer is that it’s usually found in the advanced [&hellip

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