Sun Feb 19 2017

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Treating Cancer in Children

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Cancer is a problem in children.  In certain children, in particular, where it can occur, it can be treated.  The problem is it has to be detected and then the aggressive treatments have to be started.  In many cases, we've made major advances and that's very important, but the other problem associated with cancer is [&hellip

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Protecting Growth Plates

Posted in Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, The Body, Women's Health

Growth plates are certainly a major part of a child’s growth, but also, damage to growth plates can be a major issue. That is why a child who turns an ankle or has a fracture, or who goes through a situation like that, can run into difficulties. It’s very important that the growth plates are [&hellip

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Abdominal Pain a Sign of Stress

Posted in Ache / Pain, Men's Health, Mental Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Women's Health

You know, many children suffer abdominal pain, but the thing about abdominal pain is that it may not just be a sign of something going wrong in the belly. It could be a sign of stress in the child. Many children with abdominal pain actually are worried about something at school or something else that’s [&hellip

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Finding the Source of Back Pain

Posted in Ache / Pain, Men's Health, The Body, Women's Health

One of the problems with back pain is that you may have a cause of the back pain that isn't located exactly where the pain is.  By that I'm saying our body is connected, one part to the other.  The bottom line is if you have back pain, you could have pain from another part [&hellip

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Be Aware of Herb and Drug Interactions

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Men's Health, Pharmacy, Women's Health

Herb and drug interactions occur quite often.  Herb/drug interactions are more important now than ever. That is because what's happening is the fact that we are in a situation where we are having more people take herbs and also more people getting prescriptions from multiple doctors.  I really believe that it's important that what we [&hellip

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