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Wearing Seatbelts Saves Lives

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Seatbelts are a very important part of safety.  Most people wear them now, but if you don't, you are putting yourself at risk.  Seatbelts have been known to save lives.  When we see people flying through windshields and see the results of that trauma, it's often because they don't have those seatbelts on.  Head trauma [&hellip

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Unintentional Injuries Are a Major Cause of Death In Young People

Posted in Accidental Injuries, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Teen Health

What do you think is the leading cause of death among people between one and 44?  The official term is unintentional injuries.  Scientists prefer the term unintentional injuries because of accidents.  Accidents really isn't as strong of a term and it may not be as accurate.  Most of these injuries can be prevented.  The causes [&hellip

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Trampoline Injuries

Posted in Accidental Injuries, Parenting & Pregnancy

Doctors want to warn about trampoline injuries.  Doctors in the United Kingdom are warning parents to take care when their children use trampolines.  The researchers analyzed 50 cases of trampoline injury treated at an emergency department over the time span of just six weeks.  The biggest factor associated with injury was having too many users [&hellip

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Preventing Accidental Drownings

Posted in Accidental Injuries, Parenting & Pregnancy

It happens every summer, but especially as we get to the end of summer, people are a little more careless.  We hear scattered reports from different beaches or swimming pools about accidental drownings.  Sadly, many people fail to take the necessary precautions to help avoid problems.  The most obvious is learning to swim and teaching [&hellip

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Skull Injuries and Epidural Hemorrhages

Posted in Accidental Injuries, Blood / Arteries, Brain / Memory, Head / Neck, Medications, Sports Safety

Injuries called epidural hemorrhages can be extremely serious.  Blood gets trapped between the skull and the hard layer of the skin between the bone and the brain know as the dura mater.  As the blood flows from the ruptured artery, the fluids builds and punctures the dura.  Patients are often unaware they've fractures their skull [&hellip

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Specialized Burn Care Not Easily Accessible in Some Parts of the U.S.

Posted in Accidental Injuries, Research

Burn injuries cause more than 40,000 hospitalizations annually in the United States, but only a reported 22% of patients are admitted to American Burn Association verified burn centers for treatment.  New research shows how accessible the highly specialized care required for burn treatment really is for patients

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Child Safety in the Bathroom

Posted in Accidental Injuries, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics

This is a big time of year for the National Safety Council, a great organization that provides warnings about safety.  It makes many of us think about those health risks that are out there and waiting.  This year, they have released information about dangers that lurk in our bathrooms, especially for young children.  The obvious [&hellip

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Flavored Medications and Child Safety

Posted in Accidental Injuries, Medications, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics

The medical term is compliance; getting patients to take prescribed medications and to take them consistently.  It's one of those battles that's very tough to fight at times.  The best way to do it is to explain carefully why the drugs need to be taken and to get all parties to buy in and believe [&hellip

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Preventing Unintentional Deaths in Children

Posted in Accidental Injuries, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Sleep

Quick spot quiz.  You ready?  What is the leading cause of death in children and teenagers in the United States?  The answer: Accidents and injuries.  The leading cause of unintentional deaths are drowning, poisoning, suffocation, motor vehicle accidents, and bicycle injuries, in no particular order.  I'm not bringing this up to say our children need [&hellip

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Cheerleaders Are at High Risk for Injury

Posted in Accidental Injuries, Pediatrics, Sports Safety, Teen Health

Football season is well underway and we're starting to get even closer to the playoffs in the National Football League.  Basically when we look at football and basketball and contact sports, we know there's going to be a fair share of injuries.  Injuries, for better or for worse, are part of the game.  Fortunately, there [&hellip

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