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Chlorine in Pools Linked to Increased Asthma Risk in Children

Posted in Allergies, Asthma, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Sports Medicine

Chlorine in swimming pools increases the risk of asthma and allergies.  Chlorine is effective at killing pathogens in swimming pools, but it also irritates the skin, eyes, and upper respiratory tract of swimmers.  Recent research has found swimming in chlorinated pools can increase asthma attacks.  Now, researchers have found that children who swam in chlorinated [&hellip

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Stevens–Johnson Syndrome

Posted in Ache / Pain, Allergies, Ears, Nose & Throat, Medications, Skin

Stevens–Johnson syndrome is a very serious complication of allergies.  The Stevens–Johnson is often associated with Bactrim or other medications, and these medications could be neurologic medications or pain medications.  When you get Stevens-Johnson, you'll actually get peeling of skin as well as the lips peeling.  We call it scalded skin syndrome.  It can be very [&hellip

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Multiple Medications Can Cause an Allergic Reaction

Posted in Allergies, Medications

Multiple medications can be a source of an allergic reaction.  If people take many medicines, you're not sure if they're reacting to one medicine or the combination.  You have to realize when medicines are combined, they interact with each other as well as the body.  So, if you find that you're starting to develop a [&hellip

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Itchiness Can Be Caused by a Drug Reaction

Posted in Allergies, Medications, Skin

Itchiness can be caused by many things.  It can be caused by a bug bite or an allergy, but it also can be caused by a reaction to a medication.  We don't think about it a great deal, but certain medications can actually cause a reflex problem which is the itchiness.  The thing I suggest [&hellip

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Treating Eczema

Posted in Ache / Pain, Allergies, Hospital / Doctor Care, Medications, Skin

Eczema is clearly an allergic reaction of some form.  The irritation in eczema can be downright painful and annoying, but the eczema also can be dealt with with special creams and topicals. This is a case where I often recommend a dermatologist because eczema can be very frustrating for the average physician to deal with [&hellip

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Antibiotics Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Posted in Allergies, Medications

Antibiotics can be very helpful in treating various symptoms of problems, particularly obviously if they're bacterial in nature, but antibiotics also can cause allergic reactions.  I think it's really important if you're someone who suffers from a bacterial infection, that you don't take antibiotic usage for granted.  What you need to do is to realize [&hellip

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Peanut Allergy Could Someday Be Cured

Posted in Allergies, Foods / Drinks, Parenting & Pregnancy

1.8 million people in the United States suffer from peanut allergy.  Up to 200 deaths are attributed to food allergies each year.  It is the first evidence that recently came out that life-threatening peanut allergy could someday be cured, at least that's what Duke researchers say.  They have used the technique called oral immunotherapy to [&hellip

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The Gluten-free Health Fad the Good and the Bad Part 2

Posted in Allergies, Diet / Weight Loss, Digestion / Stomach, Foods / Drinks

20090525-the_gluten-free_health_fad_the_good_and_the_bad-part_2 In the previous post I reflected on the rapid expansion of the gluten-free market share and the rising popularity of the gluten-free diet, and said I'm glad to see the growing awareness of celiac disease, and also happy that keeping a gluten-free diet is becoming easier. But is there a downside of the gluten-free [&hellip

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The Gluten-free Health Fad the Good and the Bad

Posted in Allergies, Diet / Weight Loss, Digestion / Stomach

20090518-the_gluten-free_health_fad_the_good_and_the_bad-part_1 Have you noticed the gluten-free food explosion? I have the privilege of attending many food shows, and I’m stunned by the proliferation of grain based foods—prepared meals, cookies, snacks bread and crackers—developed for the benefit of those on a gluten-free diet and with “gluten-free” as a marketing proposition. Gluten-free foods are a necessity for [&hellip

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Food Allergies and Blood Tests

Posted in Allergies, Screenings / Tests

Can food allergies be assessed with a blood test?  No, contends a recent article in the New York Times, but Johns Hopkins expert Robert Hamilton begs to differ

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