Wed Jan 24 2018

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Acupuncture Is Being Used More to Treat Pain

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Acupuncture is a treatment that is often used to help people with bone, joint, and muscle pain.  Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese art.  It's been used in the East for many, many centuries.  There are ongoing studies in the United States that are beginning to show some value to it and prove the value.  It's [&hellip

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Herbs Can Cause Allergic Reactions

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People say, "It's an herb, it must be safe."  Well, let me tell you something. First of all, herbs have effects on the body, and they can have negative effects on the body as well as positive.  In addition to that, people can have allergic reactions to a variety of herbs.  So, if you're someone [&hellip

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The Electric Switch Theory of Fighting Cancer

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Cancer, Research

Some call it the electric switch theory of fighting cancer.  Here's how the idea works: A person develops cancer and it starts to spread.  In order for it to spread widely, one or more switches have to be turned on to allow it to happen.  Researchers at Stanford University believe they have not only figured [&hellip

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Drinking Green Tea Can Expand Arteries

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Blood / Arteries, Foods / Drinks, Heart Health, Research

If you like green tea, I've got a good reason to keep drinking it.  Green tea can help your arteries.  A study from Greece suggests that drinking green tea can expand arteries.  Researchers tested volunteers on separate occasions after participants drank green tea, caffeine, and hot water.  They found that dilation, or expansion of the [&hellip

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Using Stem Cells to Treat Spinal Cord Injuries

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Musculoskeletal

The name Christopher Reeve means very little to present teenagers and those younger, but the late actor who brought Superman to the screen may have a dramatic impact on that generation and many others as well.  The awareness he created surrounding spinal cord injuries has infused dollars and research into the field, and it continues.  [&hellip

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Natural Medications Can Have Negative Side-Effects

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Health Conditions

Let me say this once and let me say it clearly.  Don't trust things just because they are natural.  I'm not saying natural is bad.  Natural is excellent, but the thing about something natural is it still could have negative effects.  It's natural for a bear to have claws and teeth, but that doesn't mean [&hellip

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Research on the Hypnotized Brain

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Brain / Memory, Mental Health, Research, Screenings / Tests

A study from Switzerland provides insight to what happens to a hypnotized brain.  Volunteers in the study made a hand movement in response to a cue.  Some participants were hypnotized with the suggestion that they're left hands were paralyzed, while the others were told to act as if their left hands were not paralyzed.  MRI [&hellip

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A Look at Homeopathy

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics

Homeopathy is a very interesting phenomenon and it's a medical-type of treatment plan that is rapidly growing in popularity in the United States.  Homeopathy is very popular and used quite consistently in Europe and throughout the world.  The concept is that you have a medication of a sort that is diluted down dramatically.  Through that [&hellip

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Acupuncture May Not Help with Hot Flashes

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Women's Health

Acupuncture is probably ineffective for hot flashes despite so many claims to the opposite.  A new review of studies concludes that acupuncture is not likely to have any benefit for women suffering hot flashes due to menopause.  This is not the first time acupuncture's benefit for menopause has been called into question.  Of six randomized [&hellip

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Massage Therapy Can Benefit Cancer Patients

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Health Conditions, Men's Health, Pharmacy, The Body, Women's Health

There are few who will argue that if you have muscle tension or are under stress, a therapeutic massage can provide some tremendous relief, but over the years most reports about massage therapy have been word of mouth.  In recent years, benefits of massage have been looked at and according to a report in The [&hellip

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