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Chlorine in Pools Linked to Increased Asthma Risk in Children

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Chlorine in swimming pools increases the risk of asthma and allergies.  Chlorine is effective at killing pathogens in swimming pools, but it also irritates the skin, eyes, and upper respiratory tract of swimmers.  Recent research has found swimming in chlorinated pools can increase asthma attacks.  Now, researchers have found that children who swam in chlorinated [&hellip

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Who Is at Risk for Developing Asthma?

Posted in Ache / Pain, Asthma, Medications, Mental Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Research, Smoking

Asthma is a serious medical condition with varying degrees of severity, but in people who have problematic forms, each breath can be torture.  There are many medications to treat asthma, and we know that the condition is due largely to a combination of airways that constrict, or get smaller, reacting to stimuli and an airway [&hellip

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Treating Asthma with Steroid Medication

Posted in Asthma, Lung / Pulmonary, Medications

Asthma and allergies do go together, but asthma is, in and of itself, a very serious problem.  One of the treatments we have for asthma that I think is very important to talk about is the use of steroid medications.  There was a time when we weren't even thinking of using steroid medication, but these [&hellip

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Asthma Is a Big Problem for Children in Cities

Posted in Asthma, Environmental, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Teen Health

Asthma is becoming a bigger problem in children who live in the city and the issue is an important one.  It's the most common health condition and the number one reason for hospitalization and emergency department visits for children.  A recent Johns Hopkins study of asthma in the inner city environment has found that even [&hellip

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Fall Babies and Asthma Link

Posted in Asthma, Parenting & Pregnancy

Children born in the fall months, before the height of cold and flu season, may be more likely to develop childhood asthma than babies born at other times.  That's what research finds.  Doctors examined birth and medical records for more than 95,000 children and their mothers from Tennessee.  They found the risk for childhood asthma was higher [&hellip

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Many People with Asthma Don’t Benefit from a Popular Antacid

Posted in Asthma, Lung / Pulmonary, Medications

Proton pump inhibitors, a popular class of antacid medications sold over the counter, don’t help improve asthma control, a Johns Hopkins study has established.  Robert Wise, the study’s lead author, explains

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Wheezing and Steriods

Posted in Asthma, Lung / Pulmonary, Medications

For some folks, such as those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, inhaled steroid medications may be a Godsend.  For others, especially children who wheeze, they may not only not help, they may be harmful, as reported in a recent New England Journal of Medicine study.  Brad Drummond, a lung expert at Johns Hopkins [&hellip

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Trees and Reduced Asthma Risk

Posted in Asthma, Environmental, Parenting & Pregnancy

It's a study that was done in New York City and it's in the Archives of Disease in Childhood.  It was done at Columbia University and it suggests that kids living near trees have a reduced risk of asthma.  Researchers found that asthma rates for young children fell by almost 25% for every significant increase [&hellip

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Education about Asthma

Posted in Asthma, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics

Some of the most effective medical reports I do have nothing to do with medication options or surgical techniques.  I have found over the years that the ones that allow people to get greater control of their own health are crucial.  For instance, we know that asthma is on the rise in this country.  According [&hellip

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Asthma Gene Identified

Posted in Asthma, Genetics

Researchers studying an isolated community of farmers have identified a new gene linked with asthma. They said it may be used to both diagnose the condition and maybe even treat it. Variations of the gene known as CHI3L1 can either promote or protect against asthma. This was in the New England Journal of Medicine. They [&hellip

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