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High Blood Pressure Is Not Adequately Controlled in the U.S.

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Hypertension is a chronic health problem and it's what we call a progressive disorder which means it gets worse over time if not controlled.  High blood pressure affects 72 million Americans each year.  That's almost 3 out of 10 of us, 30%, and the incidence increases with age.  These numbers are frightening enough, but consider [&hellip

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Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention

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When we talk about primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention, what do we mean by that?  Primary prevention is where you tell someone to exercise so they can prevent heart disease.  Secondary prevention, that's when we make a diagnosis.  We notice that someone has high blood pressure through a test in the examination room, and we [&hellip

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Taking Beta Blockers

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They're called beta blockers, and beta blockers are some of the most popular heart medications we have.  The beta blockers are effective as a tool that can be used to treat high blood pressure.  The beta blockers can also slow the heart rate.  Is there a problem with beta blockers?  Well, the big issue with [&hellip

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Prenatal Care Is Essential During Pregnancy

Posted in Blood Pressure, Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Hospital / Doctor Care, Parenting & Pregnancy, Research, Vitamins & Supplements, Women's Health

I'm always stressing the point that if you are pregnant, or are considering becoming pregnant, you need to get to an obstetrician for regular care and follow-up as soon as you can.  There are numerous reasons.  The simplest and most common is your doctor can answer dozens of questions you might have.  In addition, you [&hellip

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Smoking, Drinking, and Exercise Can Interact with Genes

Posted in Blood Pressure, Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Exercise / Fitness, Foods / Drinks, Genetics, Research, Smoking

Smoking, drinking, and exercise can interact with genes.  That's according to a report from the journal Circulation.  They say that smoking, alcohol consumption, and a lack of exercise can cause a person's genes to influence their odds of developing high blood pressure.  Researchers analyzed the information from more than 3,600 people from 14 to 93 [&hellip

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Cholesterol Measurement and Heart Disease

Posted in Blood / Arteries, Blood Pressure, Heart Health

There is no doubt that heart disease is a known killer and we have been aware that controlling cholesterol is a major way to reduce the chances of problems, but cholesterol is not the only way we measure these things.   At the very minimum, doctors order a lipid panel which includes studies like LDL, or [&hellip

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There Are Many Blood Pressure Medication Options

Posted in Blood Pressure, Medications

There are numerous blood pressure medications out there and some of them do cause allergic reactions.  I think that's a very important thing; that when you talk about blood pressure, when you talk about medications, understand that they're all not perfect.  One of the things I like to say and I like to talk about [&hellip

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Blood Pressure Medications Can Cause Side-Effects

Posted in Anxiety / Depression / Stress, Blood Pressure, Medications

There are numerous blood pressure medications out there and the big thing you need to realize is that with all these medications, there are different forms of treatment and different side-effects.  But what I want to stress, and I think it's very important to stress, is that when you're treating blood pressure, don't believe that [&hellip

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Uncontrolled Hypertension

Posted in Blood Pressure, Heart Health, Medications, Stroke

It is called uncontrolled hypertension.  It's one of the most insidious and deadly health conditions that you can think of.  The problem is that outside of doctors treating patients, it's something far too few people think of.  We all know that high blood pressure is out there.  To lower pressure, we have to take medications.  [&hellip

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The Dangers of Steroids

Posted in Blood Pressure, Liver, Medications, Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Sports Safety, Teen Health

There is a definite attraction to using steroids if you're an athlete, especially if you're young. I mean, think about it.  When you were a teenager or young adult, you felt invincible, immortal.  If you are in that age group and are listening to this report, you're probably thinking there are very few things that [&hellip

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