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Study Refutes Old Belief that Older Brains Are Smaller than Younger Brains

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One of the problems with many studies that look at X-rays, MRIs, or diagnostic heart tests is that people who are getting the studies performed are already ill with certain medical conditions.  In other words, they have abnormalities in the studies and the message becomes everyone in a certain age group has the abnormality which [&hellip

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Emotional Decisions Trigger Certain Areas in the Brain

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Emotional decisions are very difficult to make and they often take a great deal of energy.  According to a report in the journal Science, the brain handles these decisions quite efficiently.  There are specific emotional processing areas of the brain which are triggered when a person faces decisions like this.  Here's how they studied the [&hellip

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Research on the Brain and Recognition

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How do we recognize highly variable pictures of the same person as the same?  And how does hearing their voice or name conjure up many of the same feelings of recognition?  Previously, researchers had found brain cells in specific parts of the brain in people undergoing brain surgery for epilepsy that seemed to turn on [&hellip

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Research on the Hypnotized Brain

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A study from Switzerland provides insight to what happens to a hypnotized brain.  Volunteers in the study made a hand movement in response to a cue.  Some participants were hypnotized with the suggestion that they're left hands were paralyzed, while the others were told to act as if their left hands were not paralyzed.  MRI [&hellip

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Short-Term Memory in the Fetuses

Posted in Brain / Memory, Parenting & Pregnancy, Research

Researchers have found short-term memory in fetuses as early as 30 weeks.  They studied 100 pregnant women and they safely measured how the fetus responded to repeat stimulation using ultrasound to watch.  Eventually, after the same stimulus was applied over and over, the fetus no longer responded.  They learned that the stimulus was safe.  Repeating [&hellip

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Brain Aneurysm Survival Is Increasing

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Survival for brain aneurysms is increasing.  Patients who have a blood vessel burst on the surface of their brain are more likely to survive today than they were 30 years ago.  That's according to research in the journal Lancet Neurology and it's out of the Netherlands.  Doctors analyzed 33 studies, covering patients in 19 countries [&hellip

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Limiting Children’s Media Time

Posted in Brain / Memory, Lifestyle, Pediatrics, Technology, Teen Health

Limiting children's access to the computer and television many improve their health.  This is the latest report from experts reporting in the Journal of the American Medical Association.   The key word here is limit, not eliminating.  Of course, the media has changed a great deal in the last 15 years and it includes TV, the [&hellip

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Research on Vitamin D and Cognitive Ability

Posted in Brain / Memory, Exercise / Fitness, Vitamins & Supplements

It's almost as if this is the year for vitamin D.  Every now and then, a particular vitamin, medication, food group, or supplement becomes a major source of studies and reports.  Lately, it's vitamin D.  The latest research is a European study which suggests that people with low levels of vitamin D scored worse on [&hellip

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Abuse of Legal Substances in Teens

Posted in Brain / Memory, Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Medications, Parenting & Pregnancy, Stroke, Teen Health

One of the major concerns about drug abuse and teens is that many teenagers are turning to legal substances as drugs of abuse rather than search out marijuana, cocaine, or other illegal street drugs.  They are raiding the medicine cabinet at home.  They search for pain medicines or obtain illegal prescription drugs.  Another major issue [&hellip

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Alzheimer’s Disease Research

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Alzheimer's disease remains one of the most puzzling conditions that modern medicine is facing despite millions and millions of dollars poured into research.  The problem is even more frustrating because we know that as baby boomers age, there will be a growing number of people who are going to go down this road.  That's not [&hellip

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