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Anosognosia and Paralysis

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It is called anosognosia and it's a very strange phenomenon, one that few except seasoned neurologists have seen.  The condition is one in which alert and talking individuals who are paralyzed on one side of their body claim to have no awareness of their paralysis.  They claim their paralyzed limbs can still move.  Recently, researchers [&hellip

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Babies from Bilingual Homes Show Greater Mental Flexibility

Posted in Brain / Memory, Mental Health, Parenting & Pregnancy

Growing up in a bilingual home may strengthen babies' brains.  Babies who grow up in a bilingual home may enjoy a greater mental flexibility before they even learn to talk.  Researchers tested seven month-old infants from bilingual and monolingual homes.  The babies heard nonsense words while they looked at a screen with two white squares [&hellip

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Exercise Improves Cognitive Function

Posted in Brain / Memory, Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Exercise / Fitness, Geriatric Health, Mental Health

It is a commonly held belief that regular exercise helps you think more clearly and may help offset memory problems down the road.  But does exercise really have that dramatic of an effect?  You'll be happy to hear the answer is yes.  Researchers looked at the role of exercise in men and women over 50 [&hellip

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NSAID Pain Relievers and Dementia

Posted in Brain / Memory, Geriatric Health, Medications

According to new information from the University of Washington, Seattle and in the journal Neurology, pain relievers do not prevent Alzheimer's disease.  Studies have been very mixed on whether pain relievers such as ibuprofen or naproxen can delay or prevent Alzheimer's disease.  The latest one has found that heavy users of these non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, [&hellip

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Research on Brainwave Patterns in Harmonizing Musicians

Posted in Brain / Memory, Lifestyle

This is a study for music lovers.  I must admit, the research is fascinating.  Scientists reporting in the journal BMC Neuroscience have found that when musicians harmonize, they actually have similar brain patterns.  The researchers looked at electrical activity in the brains of eight pairs of guitarists as they played.  The scientists discovered brainwave similarities [&hellip

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Skull Injuries and Epidural Hemorrhages

Posted in Accidental Injuries, Blood / Arteries, Brain / Memory, Head / Neck, Medications, Sports Safety

Injuries called epidural hemorrhages can be extremely serious.  Blood gets trapped between the skull and the hard layer of the skin between the bone and the brain know as the dura mater.  As the blood flows from the ruptured artery, the fluids builds and punctures the dura.  Patients are often unaware they've fractures their skull [&hellip

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Depression and Magnetic Stimulation

Posted in Anxiety / Depression / Stress, Brain / Memory, Technology

It’s certainly not going to replace tried and true methods, but according to reports out of the Medical University of South Carolina, Magnetic Brain Stimulation can help put depression in to remission.  Researchers took a look at over 200 patients and they treated them on a daily basis for three weeks with either a magnetic [&hellip

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Ginkgo Biloba Not Effective in Slowing Memory and Thinking Problems in Older Adults

Posted in Brain / Memory, Geriatric Health, Vitamins & Supplements

Ginkgo biloba, a popular herbal remedy, is taken for a variety of concerns including maintaining and even improving memory and thinking as we age. A new study shows Ginkgo has seemingly no effect on stopping such declines in older adults.&nbsp

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Oxygen: A Quick, Drug-Free and Effective Treatment for Painful Cluster Headache

Posted in Brain / Memory, Headache, Medications

Cluster headache patients will tell you the pain they experience can be more excruciating than childbirth or a gunshot wound.  Attacks usually occur several times a day, lasting weeks or months. A new study shows breathing pure oxygen can help to quickly and effectively relieve this intense pain

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Uric Acid and Memory

Posted in Brain / Memory, Geriatric Health, Mental Health

Gout was known in medieval times as a disease of the rich.  It's partially true because gout is associated with high fat and definitely purine-rich foods.  Uric acid is the culprit that causes gout.  When levels of uric acid are high in someone's blood, crystals of the chemical form in joints causing pain and disability.  [&hellip

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