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Getting Less Sleep May Be Linked to an Increased Cancer Risk

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Exercise may be one of the best defenses against cancer.  We have seen this in multiple studies.  What about the role of sleep?  Among those under 65, sleeping less than 7 hours per night was associated with an increased risk of cancer, even among those who were physically active.  The researchers suggest that sleep duration [&hellip

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The Electric Switch Theory of Fighting Cancer

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Cancer, Research

Some call it the electric switch theory of fighting cancer.  Here's how the idea works: A person develops cancer and it starts to spread.  In order for it to spread widely, one or more switches have to be turned on to allow it to happen.  Researchers at Stanford University believe they have not only figured [&hellip

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Fighting Cancer Using Tumor-Targeted Antibodies

Posted in Cancer, Medications, Research

One of the biggest problems we have with chemotherapy to treat cancer is the fact that there can be devastating side-effects.  The simplest way I can explain chemo is the drugs can be given to kill the cancer cells, but in doing so, the drugs actually harm the healthy cells.  In other words, we are [&hellip

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Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates Are Still Low

Posted in Cancer, Geriatric Health, Research, Screenings / Tests

Colorectal screening rates are still low.  A new study looked at surveys of 13,480 adults aged 50 and older and they found that only 50% had been screened for colon cancer in 2005.  That was an improvement from 43% in 2000, but the authors say the rate needs to increase even more because screening tests [&hellip

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Health Benefits of Green Tea

Posted in Cancer, Chemicals, Foods / Drinks

Water is the number one consumed fluid in the world.  It makes sense and I'm certain many first graders would know that answer.  But what do you think the second most popular drink in the world is?  The answer might surprise you.  It's tea.  One of the reasons so many people drink tea may be [&hellip

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Red vs. White Wine and Breast Cancer Risk

Posted in Alcohol, Cancer

Red or white wine; does it really matter when it comes down to it for breast cancer?  Researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institute reporting in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention say red or white wine, it doesn't matter.  Drinking wine, whether it's red or white, can increase the odds of breast cancer in an [&hellip

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Nanotechnology Used to Fight Cancer

Posted in Cancer, Research, Technology

British researchers have gained a great deal of attention by using a technique called nanotechnology to fight cancer.  We've talked about nanotechnology before and here's what the researchers did.  They packaged anticancer genes in very small particles that are only taken up by cancer cells.  This left healthy cells unharmed.  Once the genes were taken [&hellip

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Study Shows Even Light Smoking Carries Serious Risks

Posted in Cancer, Heart Health, Lifestyle, Lung / Pulmonary, Research, Smoking

If you're a person who smokes casually, maybe you light up a cigarette a few times a day in social settings, you probably think it's safe, but you may want to look at it again.  That's according to a Norwegian study of 43,000 men and women.  They found that smoking fewer than five cigarettes a [&hellip

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Prostate Cancer Concern in Obese Men

Posted in Cancer, Diet / Weight Loss, Men's Health

There is definitely a growing health problem in this country and it affects all age groups, in particular, our teens and young adults.  The problem?  Obesity.  Men who are obese have a multitude of health issues to deal with.  There is heart disease, an increased risk of stroke, and many musculoskeletal issues such as the [&hellip

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Research Suggests Mastectomies Not Overused in the Initial Treatment of Breast Cancer

Posted in Cancer, Women's Health

Concerns exist that in the treatment of breast cancer, mastectomies are too often used when breast-conserving surgery might serve the patient just as well.  Now, new research shows those concerns may be unfounded

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