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Fast Food Is Contributing to Obesity

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Fast food restaurants.  For most Americans, you can't live without them, but can you live with them?  They dot the landscape of our country, city after city.  But with a Nation on the run with countless single parents, or couples trying to split time between work and the demands of a heavy family schedule, those [&hellip

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Regular Eye Exams Are Important

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Eye exams are a very important part of your overall health.  The thing about eye exams that cannot be stressed enough is the fact that eye exams should be done on a regular basis.  If you're someone who's had their eyes examined a couple years ago and you wear glasses, take the time to get [&hellip

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Medication Compliance Is Key for Diabetes Control

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There are numerous diabetes medications out there and I think the important thing that you have to realize is that with diabetes and diabetes medications, compliance is key, but careful followup is also important.  By that, I mean you should be checked on a regular basis to see if and when you're having things that [&hellip

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Research on the Link Between Obesity and Diabetes

Posted in Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Diet / Weight Loss, Research

It has been a mystery in modern medicine.  We know that people who are obese are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, but why does this happen?  In recent months, there has been quite a bit of research looking at the issue.  According to research in the journal Nature, inflammation within the fat tissue [&hellip

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Prenatal Care Is Essential During Pregnancy

Posted in Blood Pressure, Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Hospital / Doctor Care, Parenting & Pregnancy, Research, Vitamins & Supplements, Women's Health

I'm always stressing the point that if you are pregnant, or are considering becoming pregnant, you need to get to an obstetrician for regular care and follow-up as soon as you can.  There are numerous reasons.  The simplest and most common is your doctor can answer dozens of questions you might have.  In addition, you [&hellip

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New Treatment for Type One Diabetes

Posted in Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Medications

It's a risky procedure that has gained a great deal of attention in a short time since it was introduced several months ago.  A report in the New England Journal of Medicine examined an experimental approach to treating type one diabetes; a risky procedure involving immune system destruction and reconstitution.  According to experts in the [&hellip

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The Cost of Treating Diabetes

Posted in Diabetes / Blood Sugar

I talk about it all the time.  It's the growing problem of childhood obesity.  On many occasions, we have no answer, but there is no doubt that we are a society that is overweight.  With extra weight comes extra health problems.  According to a new report from a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, the growing diabetes epidemic [&hellip

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Blueberries May Help Fight Belly Fat and Diabetes

Posted in Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Diet / Weight Loss, Digestion / Stomach, Foods / Drinks, Heart Health

Michigan researchers think eating blueberries could help fight belly fat and diabetes.  Their research was presented in New Orleans and the effects are thought to be due to the high level of naturally occurring antioxidants in blueberries.  There are some problems with the study.  First, it was performed in rats and blueberries made up 2% [&hellip

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Breastfeeding Linked to Lower Health Risks in Postmenopausal Women

Posted in Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Heart Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Women's Health

New research finds that postmenopausal women who breastfed their children were less likely to develop high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.  They are compared to women who never breastfed.  Women who breastfed for one to six months in their lifetime, they had a 5% lower risk for high blood pressure, a 9% [&hellip

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Exercise Improves Cognitive Function

Posted in Brain / Memory, Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Exercise / Fitness, Geriatric Health, Mental Health

It is a commonly held belief that regular exercise helps you think more clearly and may help offset memory problems down the road.  But does exercise really have that dramatic of an effect?  You'll be happy to hear the answer is yes.  Researchers looked at the role of exercise in men and women over 50 [&hellip

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