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Oxycodone Abuse

Posted in Ache / Pain, Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Medications

Oxycodone is a problem.  The thing about oxycodone is it's used commonly as a pain medication for people.  In some cases, this certainly has a role.  Unfortunately, it is also a substance of abuse.  It's a substance which you can get used to using and run into great difficulties.  As physicians, we have to be [&hellip

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Research on ADHD and the Brain

Posted in Diet / Weight Loss, Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Mental Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Research, Screenings / Tests

There is a great mystery surrounding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and its cause. Controversy swirls around treatment.  We are continuing to learn a great deal about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Now, a new study looking at brain imaging from the NIH has uncovered the first definitive evidence that patients suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [&hellip

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Alcohol Consumption Linked to Atrial Fibrillation in Women

Posted in Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Heart Health, Research, Women's Health

Too much alcohol could be linked to heart problems in women.  All it takes is two or more alcoholic beverages per day to increase the risk for the heart rhythm disturbance known as atrial fibrillation.  A study of 35,000 women age 40 and older found that those drinking two alcoholic beverages a day or more [&hellip

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Substance Abuse Linked to Suicide Risk

Posted in Anxiety / Depression / Stress, Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Mental Health, Research

The latest study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration clearly links substance abuse with suicide.  Their overall numbers are that 32,000 suicides occur in the United States each year, but among people with a substance abuse disorder, 11% had considered suicide compared to 3% for people without such disorders.  This year, there [&hellip

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ADHD Medication Abuse in Teens

Posted in ADHD, Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Hospital / Doctor Care, Medications, Parenting & Pregnancy, Teen Health

Calls to poison control centers about teens abusing attention deficit drugs soared 76% over eight years.  That's sobering evidence of the dangerous consequences of prescription misuse.  That's according to a new study.  The calls were from worried parents, emergency room doctors, and others seeking advice on how to deal with the problem which can be [&hellip

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Smoking, Drinking, and Exercise Can Interact with Genes

Posted in Blood Pressure, Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Exercise / Fitness, Foods / Drinks, Genetics, Research, Smoking

Smoking, drinking, and exercise can interact with genes.  That's according to a report from the journal Circulation.  They say that smoking, alcohol consumption, and a lack of exercise can cause a person's genes to influence their odds of developing high blood pressure.  Researchers analyzed the information from more than 3,600 people from 14 to 93 [&hellip

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Alcohol Abuse in the U.S.

Posted in Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Research

When we see people drinking alcohol on television, it's usually in a social setting and the alcohol is associated with good times and friends.  Hey, that's marketing, why not?  For many people, a drink or two in the proper setting with a designated driver can be a fun way to socialize, but the side of [&hellip

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Abuse of Legal Substances in Teens

Posted in Brain / Memory, Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Medications, Parenting & Pregnancy, Stroke, Teen Health

One of the major concerns about drug abuse and teens is that many teenagers are turning to legal substances as drugs of abuse rather than search out marijuana, cocaine, or other illegal street drugs.  They are raiding the medicine cabinet at home.  They search for pain medicines or obtain illegal prescription drugs.  Another major issue [&hellip

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Movies and Commercials May Influence Drinking Behavior

Posted in Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Research

A study suggests that movies have a direct impact on drinking behavior.  A study of 80 male university students finds that watching movies that feature alcoholic beverages and commercials for alcohol make people more likely to reach for an alcoholic drink.  The young men were divided into four groups; those watching American Pie which frequently [&hellip

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Lower than Normal Bone Mass Found in a Study of Alcoholic Men

Posted in Drug / Alcohol Abuse, Foods / Drinks, Men's Health, Musculoskeletal

We know that brittle bones, or osteoporosis, is more common in women than men.  We're also quite aware that women who smoke, don't exercise a great deal, and are thin are at greater risk.  But a report from the Medical University of Innsbruck which looked at men is somewhat surprising.  The study of 57 alcoholic [&hellip

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