Wed Jan 24 2018

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Study Looks at Health of Clergy Members

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While medical studies at various denominations indicate that clergy members live longer than their comparable civilians, an emerging body of evidence over the last two decades has shown that ministers are more vulnerable to diabetes, depression, hypertension, gastrointestinal distress, and heart problems.  Thus far, the program has conducted focus groups with nearly 90 Methodist ministers [&hellip

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The Value of Cancer Support Groups

Posted in Cancer, Faith

There have been studies which suggest that being part of a support group doesn't help people with cancer live longer.  Well, I look at these studies as counterproductive and I also think you cannot underestimate the value of people having a positive outlook.  Being positive and having support can't hurt the outcome.  I can tell [&hellip

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Religion and End-Stage Cancer Patients

Posted in Cancer, Faith

As patients with terminal cancer near the end of their life, a multitude of variables could affect the treatment they choose to receive, from physician recommendations to insurance coverage. But a new study reveals that religion may have an important impact as well

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Living Life and Being Happy

Posted in Faith, Lifestyle, Mental Health

In this interview, looks at the importance of a positive attitude. A positive outlook can lead to the creation of positive energy which can make a difference in life. He speaks about declaring responsibility for our emotions so we can get out and do the work of living a life that’s more productive and [&hellip

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Posted in Faith, Mental Health, Relationships

Being aware can be beneficial to your life. A look at the idea of mindfulness as it relates to health and well being

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End of Life Plans for the Terminally Ill

Posted in Faith, Geriatric Health, Hospital / Doctor Care

Talking about death can be difficult.  But for people with terminal illness, it may be critically important.  A new study finds that people with terminal cancer – who reported having what’s called an “end-of-life discussion” with their doctor – benefited from those conversations.&nbsp

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Pat Croce on Wellness

Posted in Faith, Lifestyle

Pat Croce is an American entrepreneur, sports team executive and owner, author, and TV personality. He talks about his passion for wellness and his upbeat approach to life

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