Wed Jan 24 2018

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Tibial Band Pain

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It's called the tibial band, and it's just that.  It's a band that goes down on the outside of the leg.  It more or less goes from the hip all the way down to the feet in the way it works.  What happens is when the patellofemoral pain occurs in the knee, it can also [&hellip

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A Look at Gout

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Various studies are suggesting that the number of cases of gout in this country have doubled in the last three years.  Basically, we're now realizing there are a lot of people with severe disease and this is not a surprise.  The typical case these days is not going to be someone like King Henry VIII.  [&hellip

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Going Barefoot

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I know in the summer you spend a lot of time in flip-flops or you go barefoot.  That's actually a problem because it is good to get your feet out of the shoes, but with the casual wear, once it gets past a few hours, there's little support and that can lead to plantar fasciitis, [&hellip

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Study of Socks and Foot Comfort

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To this day, it goes down as a classic study. One which supports the concept that scientists will study just about anything at any time. The report was from the University of Missouri-Columbia. The researchers looked at socks and foot comfort. They found that sweaty socks made from 100% cotton are the worst offenders when [&hellip

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Foot Ulcers and Diabetes

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People with diabetes need to pay especial attention to their feet, since ulcers there can lead to very serious complications, with a recent study underscoring the fact that primary care physicians may forget to look at both feet in their patients with diabetes.’ Christopher Saudek, a diabetes expert at Johns Hopkins, explains

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