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Dealing with Degenerative Joint Disease

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Degenerative Joint Disease we've talked about many times in the past.  Part of the problem with DJD is that the more you try an activity, the worse the pain gets.  This can be very frustrating because there are many people who do all they can to try to exercise properly and to do everything they [&hellip

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Getting Back into Exercise

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If you want to get back into exercise there are several important steps you must take.  One of the big things that I think is very important is if you're going to get back into exercise, make sure your heart is fine.  You want to get either an EKG or, if necessary, a stress test.  [&hellip

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Managing Pressure

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If you don't feel pressure, you must have ice water in your veins.  What with the economy, the purchase price of things, the fact that gas is up and down.  All of these things add to the pressure.  Even if you look at television, and your job's fine, you see all the problems other people [&hellip

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Fighting Obesity in Children

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Obesity is a major health issue in this country.  The problem with obesity right now is that children are not getting necessarily the exercise or the guidance for proper diet that they should.  It's very important that children be allowed to play; that they're not just spending time indoors playing video games, that they actually [&hellip

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Social Trends Study Shows How We Compare in Healthy Living

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20090511-social_trends_study_shows_how_we_compare_in_healthy_living A press release caught my eye this week. It stated that the French excel at two leisure activities: They spend more time at the table and in bed than any other country surveyed. The news came from OECD (Orginasation for Economic Co-operation and Development), reputed to be the world's largest and most reliable source [&hellip

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Knee Pain Is Often Caused By Overuse

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One of the things you have to realize about knee pain is the fact that knee pain is a problem that can often be a result of overuse.  If you're someone who has exercised a great deal, that's a good thing, but you may pay the price when it comes to your knee pain because [&hellip

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Home-Based Diet and Exercise Intervention Helps Prevent Functional Decline In Long-Term Cancer Survivors

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Mobility and independence can be difficult to maintain for long-term cancer survivors, a group at particularly high risk for accelerated decline.  A new study looks at a home-based program that could help change that fact

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Endurance Athletes and the Menstrual Cycle

Posted in Exercise / Fitness, Women's Health

If you are a woman and you are an endurance athlete, it's very important that you realize that it can affect your menstrual cycle.  The loss of weight and the stress can actually affect the menstrual cycle and the hormonal balance in your body.  Many endurance athletes are actually too thin and it takes time [&hellip

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Exercise May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Posted in Cancer, Exercise / Fitness, Sleep, Women's Health

A study of nearly 6,000 women at least 18 years of age has found that those who were physically active had a reduced risk of overall cancer and breast cancer specifically.  However, among those under 65, sleeping less than seven hours per night was associated with an increased risk of cancer, even among those who [&hellip

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School Sports and Preventing MRSA

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If your kids are participating in sports at school, it's more important than ever to make certain they're aware of proper hygiene; things like not sharing towels or razors, making certain their equipment is not shared, and that all equipment is washed.  This issue is MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staph aureus, and the need to prevent spread.  [&hellip

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