Mon Feb 19 2018

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Gene Therapy Shows Promise in AIDS Research

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For the first time, researchers have slowed, and possibly stopped, the AIDS virus from reproducing in patients by using gene therapy that tricks it into being self-destructing. The results were announced and they're heartening for people infected with HIV, but also in the field of gene therapy. It remains highly experimental, more than 20 years [&hellip

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Birth Problems Seen in Babies of Teen Fathers

Posted in General Medicine, Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Women's Health

Babies born to teen fathers are more likely to suffer birth problems, such as premature birth, low birth weight, even risk of death. The results are based on national U.S. statistics on nearly all babies born from 1995 to 2000. From this large group, doctors studies singleton babies born to mothers aged 20 to 29. [&hellip

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Research Shows Sadness Increases Spending

Posted in General Medicine, Men's Health, Mental Health, Women's Health

New research suggests that we are willing to spend money when we feel sad. Researchers had volunteers watch either a sad video clip or a neutral clip with no human emotion. Afterwards, participants had the chance to purchase an ordinary item, such as a water bottle. The people who watched the sad video clip offered [&hellip

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Is It Good to Exercise During Pregnancy?

Posted in Exercise / Fitness, General Medicine, Women's Health

Is it good to exercise during pregnancy? Absolutely! I am a big supporter of exercise during pregnancy. The big point, though, is what you really need to do is find exercise that works for you. You have to exercise, usually, with something you’ve been doing all along. You don’t want to introduce it during pregnancy. [&hellip

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Exercising in Groups is Good for the Brain

Posted in Exercise / Fitness, General Medicine, Men's Health, Women's Health

I have to admit it. I’m one of those people who has tried jogging, but despite my best efforts, I find it quite boring. I usually get aerobic exercise from competitive sports and probably run more than if I were jogging because of all the interaction with other people, but maybe I’m approaching it all [&hellip

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Genetics May Increase Risk of Developing Anorexia

Posted in General Medicine, Men's Health, Mental Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Women's Health

Anorexia nervosa attacks more than one out of every 100 women. Teens and young adults are the most vulnerable. There is no doubt that there is a strong psychological component associated with the condition. The major problem associated with anorexia is a distorted body image. A person with anorexia often thinks they are overweight despite [&hellip

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Children Can Have High Blood Pressure

Posted in General Medicine, Health Conditions, Men's Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Women's Health

Children can get high blood pressure. Clearly, high blood pressure in children is not as common as it is in adults, but it is clear children can have high blood pressure. The problems associated with it can be just as great. The important thing to realize is that high blood pressure is just as easy [&hellip

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The Secret to Living to 100

Posted in General Medicine, Geriatric Health, Men's Health, Women's Health

A study of men and women aged 100 or greater finds that one key to their success may be limiting their disability from disease. To the surprise of doctors, the study revealed many of the very old had been diagnosed with serious illnesses, such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes, but they had come through [&hellip

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Genes Linked to Cold Tolerance and Metabolic Syndrome

Posted in General Medicine, Health Conditions, Men's Health, Women's Health

Many of the genetic variations that allow humans to tolerate colder climates also seem to appear to increase the risk of metabolic syndrome. Now we know that genetically we can determine whether we are warm or cold or how we handle it. The fact that it affects metabolic syndrome is very interesting. Metabolic syndrome is [&hellip

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Community Acquired MRSA Infections

Posted in General Medicine

According to a report in the Annals of Internal Medicine, community acquired MRSA infections have reached what are being called epidemic levels, but in the same report, it's recommended that people not panic. The information is based on a review of visits to U.S. emergency departments from 1993 to 2005. Looking at data from that [&hellip

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