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Happy People Tend to Be Healthy People

Posted in Geriatric Health, Immune Disorders, Mental Health, Research

Happier people tend to be healthier people.  If you try to get along with others, your day will go more smoothly, you'll be happier, and yes, healthier.  It makes sense that it's easier to get through the day if you're in good spirits.  A short time ago, an Oregon study that found that getting along [&hellip

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Regular Eye Exams Are Important

Posted in Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Eyes, Geriatric Health, Head / Neck, Screenings / Tests

Eye exams are a very important part of your overall health.  The thing about eye exams that cannot be stressed enough is the fact that eye exams should be done on a regular basis.  If you're someone who's had their eyes examined a couple years ago and you wear glasses, take the time to get [&hellip

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Exercise May Reduce Risk of Hospitalization in Older Adults

Posted in Exercise / Fitness, Geriatric Health, Hospital / Doctor Care, Research

Exercise could reduce the risk of hospitalizations.  Older adults who have low muscle density are at higher risk of being hospitalized.  Measuring how much fat compared to lean tissue there is in thigh muscle is the most accurate gauge of a person's risk of hospitalization.  A study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society [&hellip

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Do Hair Loss Remedies Really Work?

Posted in Geriatric Health, Hair, Medications, Men's Health, Women's Health

All you have to do is look at television and see all the hair loss remedies that are out there.  Don't get me wrong, there are many hair loss remedies that can be quite effective, but most of them do not work.  You have to understand that you lose a certain amount of hair as [&hellip

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Amyloid and Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted in Geriatric Health, Mental Health, Women's Health

It is called amyloid.  Amyloid is often found in Alzheimer's plaque.  That's a big term with a lot of expressions.  Here's what we're saying.  People who have Alzheimer's disease actually can have some sort of brain damage where there is development of a substance called amyloid.  This amyloid can actually affect the transmission of signals [&hellip

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Genes Can Interact with Stress to Amplify Age-Related Decline

Posted in Ache / Pain, Anxiety / Depression / Stress, Geriatric Health, Mental Health, Research

Genes and stress can interact to cause memory problems for the elderly.  The negative impact of stress on mental function appears to be amplified for people who have a genetic variation predisposing them to Alzheimer's disease.  The genetic variation may act as an accelerator.  In other words, it speeds up age-related decline by as much [&hellip

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Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates Are Still Low

Posted in Cancer, Geriatric Health, Research, Screenings / Tests

Colorectal screening rates are still low.  A new study looked at surveys of 13,480 adults aged 50 and older and they found that only 50% had been screened for colon cancer in 2005.  That was an improvement from 43% in 2000, but the authors say the rate needs to increase even more because screening tests [&hellip

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Evaluating Knee Pain in Older People

Posted in Ache / Pain, Geriatric Health, The Body

Knee pain can be problematic, but we really see issues with what are not acute injuries, but chronic injuries in those who are older.  Knee pain in the elderly can be a result of what we call degenerative joint disease.  It isn't necessarily a tear of a ligament or a strain.  It's actually the long-term [&hellip

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The GRACE Program Provides Quality Health Care for Seniors

Posted in Geriatric Health, Hospital / Doctor Care

One of the biggest challenges in medicine today is to provide quality health care for our senior citizens.  Of course, one of the biggest barriers that many seniors face is getting to the doctor's office in the first place.  According to very interesting research in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a variation in [&hellip

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Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Posted in Brain / Memory, Diseases, Geriatric Health, Mental Health, Research

Alzheimer's disease remains one of the most puzzling conditions that modern medicine is facing despite millions and millions of dollars poured into research.  The problem is even more frustrating because we know that as baby boomers age, there will be a growing number of people who are going to go down this road.  That's not [&hellip

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