Wed Jan 24 2018

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Global Warming May Increase Risk of Kidney Stones

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Global warming could give us more kidney stones.  That's right, scientists studying possible health effects of global warming say Americans may find themselves with as many as 30% more kidney stones in certain affected areas.  Studies show that people living in warmer climates are more likely and more prone to have kidney stones, possibly due [&hellip

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Urinary Tract Infections

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Urinary tract infections are relatively easy for most doctors to diagnose because once a person has a UTI, they can essentially tell you the symptoms.  They are classic.  They are fairly consistent with all infections.  There's burning with urination, there's pain, there could be difficulty with urinating, and the sense that you're making less urine [&hellip

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Long Term Statin Use May Lower Risk of Gallstones Requiring Surgery

Posted in Kidneys, Medications

Gallstone disease is a leading cause of gastrointestinal illness in western countries, including the United States. A new study says patients taking statins for other health problems may also lower their risk of developing gallstone disease followed by surgery

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Kidneys Are Still in Very Short Supply

Posted in Kidneys

Public educations campaigns and media blitzes notwithstanding, the number of people awaiting organ transplants, especially kidneys, remains in the tens of thousands.  Robert Montgomery, a kidney transplant surgeon at Johns Hopkins, describes the dficit

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A New Strategy to Pair Kidney Donors Keeps the Swaps Going

Posted in Kidneys

Daisy chains may invoke images of springtime, but this term is employed to describe a way of aligning kidney transplant donors and recipients to maximize the number of transplants possible, all beginning with an altruistic donor, who simply comes forward to help.  Robert Montgomery, a kidney transplant surgeon at Johns Hopkins, describes the strategy

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High Altitude May Help People in End-Stage Renal Failure

Posted in Kidneys

While the benefits of higher altitudes have been touted for elite athletes in training, new research has found that lower oxygen surroundings may also be beneficial for some people with health issues, specifically, those battling end-stage renal disease.&nbsp

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A Look at Kidney Disease

Posted in Diseases, Kidneys

Dr. Gerry Appel, Professor of Medicine at Columbia University, discusses kidney disease and some of the critical warning signs like swelling of the ankles. Kidney disease is far more common than many people think. Dr. Appel says that one of the key tests to help detect problems is a simple urinalysis done in a doctor's [&hellip

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Managing Diabetes

Posted in Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Eyes, Kidneys

Managing blood sugar carefully has been shown to reduce much of the impact of diabetes, helping people largely avoid nerve, eye, and kidney problems.’ But now a new analysis from the Federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality concludes that different times of day require different insulins.’ Sherita Golden, a diabetes expert at Johns Hopkins, [&hellip

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Two Stories: Coffee & Mortality; Diabetes & Hearing Loss

Posted in Blood / Arteries, Blood Pressure, Brain / Memory, Cancer, Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Ears, Nose & Throat, Eyes, Kidneys

Previous studies have found both favorable and unfavorable relationships between coffee drinking and death. However, recent studies link coffee drinking to less risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer, which supports the hypothesis of a beneficial effect of coffee. People with diabetes have difficulty extracting and storing energy from food. [&hellip

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Bowel Prep May Be Hard on the Kidneys

Posted in Kidneys, Screenings / Tests

People who are having colonoscopy for colon cancer screening or other reasons may be putting their kidneys at risk with one type of agent used to clean out the bowel. Those preparations taken by mouth and containing sodium phosphate may compromise kidney function for months or even cause kidney failure. Patrick Okolo, a gastroenterologist at [&hellip

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