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Side-Effects of Flexeril

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Flexeril is a medication that I believe is very effective at releasing muscle problems and relaxing muscles, but Flexeril is not perfect.  It causes relaxation, but also sedation.  People who take Flexeril, especially if they mix it with alcohol, can run into big problems with drowsiness.  The medication is often prescribed three times a day, [&hellip

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Treating Fibromyalgia

Posted in Ache / Pain, Anxiety / Depression / Stress, Medications, Mental Health, Musculoskeletal, Nerves

Fibromyalgia is a health problem where people have areas and trigger points where they suffer from pain.  The thing about fibromyalgia that you have to understand is that treatment is not often aimed at dealing with the pain, but dealing with the underlying stress.  For instance, some antidepressants can work very well in people who [&hellip

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Forehead Surgery Could Ease Migraines

Posted in Head / Neck, Musculoskeletal, Nerves, Research

Could forehead surgery ease migraines?  One theory behind some migraine headaches is that when the muscles around a particular nerve in the face irritate the nerve, headaches can be triggered.  Researchers identified the three most common muscular trigger points for patients and found that removing these muscles offered a permanent fix for many.  In this [&hellip

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Tibial Band Pain

Posted in Ache / Pain, Exercise / Fitness, Feet, Musculoskeletal, Nerves, Sports Medicine

It's called the tibial band, and it's just that.  It's a band that goes down on the outside of the leg.  It more or less goes from the hip all the way down to the feet in the way it works.  What happens is when the patellofemoral pain occurs in the knee, it can also [&hellip

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Evaluating Patellofemoral Pain

Posted in Ache / Pain, Knee, Musculoskeletal, Nerves, Sports Medicine, Teen Health, Tendons

It's called patellofemoral pain.  Basically, just below the knee cap, you have a tendon called the patella tendon and that tendon can actually become inflamed and irritated.  When it does, that pain can actually be something which can affect the way you walk, it can affect the way you perform in sports, and we see [&hellip

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Using Stem Cells to Treat Spinal Cord Injuries

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Musculoskeletal

The name Christopher Reeve means very little to present teenagers and those younger, but the late actor who brought Superman to the screen may have a dramatic impact on that generation and many others as well.  The awareness he created surrounding spinal cord injuries has infused dollars and research into the field, and it continues.  [&hellip

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Diagnosing Fibromyalgia

Posted in Anxiety / Depression / Stress, Musculoskeletal, Nerves, Sleep

Fibromyalgia is known as a functional condition.  It's one of these physical conditions that's very difficult to detect or prove by laboratory tests, or by one procedure.  It's diagnosed based on the history or story that a patient tells about what is happening.  Essentially, fibromyalgia is a set of symptoms that happen together.  People are [&hellip

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Anosognosia and Paralysis

Posted in Brain / Memory, Mental Health, Musculoskeletal, Stroke

It is called anosognosia and it's a very strange phenomenon, one that few except seasoned neurologists have seen.  The condition is one in which alert and talking individuals who are paralyzed on one side of their body claim to have no awareness of their paralysis.  They claim their paralyzed limbs can still move.  Recently, researchers [&hellip

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Urinary Tract Infections

Posted in Ache / Pain, Infections, Kidneys, Musculoskeletal, Urinary

Urinary tract infections are relatively easy for most doctors to diagnose because once a person has a UTI, they can essentially tell you the symptoms.  They are classic.  They are fairly consistent with all infections.  There's burning with urination, there's pain, there could be difficulty with urinating, and the sense that you're making less urine [&hellip

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Preventing Osteoporosis Early in Life

Posted in Ache / Pain, Arthritis, Exercise / Fitness, Foods / Drinks, Musculoskeletal, Smoking, Vitamins & Supplements

Osteoporosis is a serious health problem.  The thing about osteoporosis that you have to understand is that it is a debilitating problem that can occur over time, but there are ways to prevent it.  For instance, if you exercise when you're young, if you take calcium, drink milk and do things to fortify bone, if [&hellip

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