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Research on ADHD and the Brain

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There is a great mystery surrounding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and its cause. Controversy swirls around treatment.  We are continuing to learn a great deal about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Now, a new study looking at brain imaging from the NIH has uncovered the first definitive evidence that patients suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [&hellip

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Study Refutes Old Belief that Older Brains Are Smaller than Younger Brains

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One of the problems with many studies that look at X-rays, MRIs, or diagnostic heart tests is that people who are getting the studies performed are already ill with certain medical conditions.  In other words, they have abnormalities in the studies and the message becomes everyone in a certain age group has the abnormality which [&hellip

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Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention

Posted in Blood Pressure, Exercise / Fitness, Heart Health, Hospital / Doctor Care, Screenings / Tests

When we talk about primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention, what do we mean by that?  Primary prevention is where you tell someone to exercise so they can prevent heart disease.  Secondary prevention, that's when we make a diagnosis.  We notice that someone has high blood pressure through a test in the examination room, and we [&hellip

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Regular Eye Exams Are Important

Posted in Diabetes / Blood Sugar, Eyes, Geriatric Health, Head / Neck, Screenings / Tests

Eye exams are a very important part of your overall health.  The thing about eye exams that cannot be stressed enough is the fact that eye exams should be done on a regular basis.  If you're someone who's had their eyes examined a couple years ago and you wear glasses, take the time to get [&hellip

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Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates Are Still Low

Posted in Cancer, Geriatric Health, Research, Screenings / Tests

Colorectal screening rates are still low.  A new study looked at surveys of 13,480 adults aged 50 and older and they found that only 50% had been screened for colon cancer in 2005.  That was an improvement from 43% in 2000, but the authors say the rate needs to increase even more because screening tests [&hellip

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Research on the Hypnotized Brain

Posted in Alternative Medicine, Brain / Memory, Mental Health, Research, Screenings / Tests

A study from Switzerland provides insight to what happens to a hypnotized brain.  Volunteers in the study made a hand movement in response to a cue.  Some participants were hypnotized with the suggestion that they're left hands were paralyzed, while the others were told to act as if their left hands were not paralyzed.  MRI [&hellip

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CT Scans for Autopsies

Posted in Screenings / Tests, Technology

We've been using CT scans in many areas of medicine for years and they have been extremely valuable resources for treating patients.  What you may not know is that CT is being used in other areas as well.  For instance, in the case of autopsies.  Autopsies, or postmortem exams, are not routinely performed unless a [&hellip

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Stress Fractures Are Often Overlooked

Posted in Ache / Pain, Hospital / Doctor Care, Musculoskeletal, Screenings / Tests

Stress fractures are very serious health injuries that can be very painful and cause problems.  The thing about stress fractures that I think is most important and is not understood is that they are often very easy to detect if you get the x-ray.  But if you don't bother to get an x-ray, you may [&hellip

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Brain Imaging Gives New Insight into Underlying Cause of ADHD

Posted in Anxiety / Depression / Stress, Mental Health, Parenting & Pregnancy, Screenings / Tests

ADHD symptoms vary widely and can impair a person’s ability to pay attention, complete tasks and be productive.  Now new research looks at how a faulty neurotransmission in the brain may be at the root of some of these issues

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New Research on Prenatal Testing

Posted in Parenting & Pregnancy, Research, Screenings / Tests

One of the most important things doctors do after delivery is to test for certain health issues that need early treatment.  It is a simple and routine part of the delivery.  There are also many ways physicians can detect health problems while baby is in mom's belly; testing like amniocentesis, ultrasound, and chorionic villus sampling are [&hellip

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