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Alcohol Abuse in Teenagers

Posted in Parenting & Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Sexual Health

I cannot overestimate the importance of alcohol and alcohol abuse for teenagers.  Alcohol has crept it's way into society, largely due to advertising and marketing and making alcohol appear as if it's the answer to all questions.  The issue with alcohol is that it can be abused and when it is, especially by a young [&hellip

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Getting Treatment for STDs Is Essential

Posted in Diseases, Infections, Medications, Sexual Health, Viruses

They are called sexually transmitted diseases and they are embarrassing to talk about.  I know that and people who suffer from them know it.  But the bottom line is if you don't get them treated, and you don't deal with the problem and don't have your partner treated, it can cause all sorts of problems [&hellip

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Evaluating Irregular Periods

Posted in Sexual Health, Women's Health

A lot of people are concerned about irregular periods, and as women, certainly they are annoying when they occur at different times irregularly.  But a lot of this depends on your age.  For instance, if you're approaching menopause, the fact that you have irregular periods may not be all that abnormal.  It could be a [&hellip

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Hypoactive Sex Drive in Women

Posted in Sexual Health, Women's Health

It is becoming a major new field in medical research; hypoactive sex drive in women.  That's right, many women at about the time of menopause have decreased sexual desire and it is a problem.  New research is finding out why.  They're looking at reasons why this is an issue and what can be done.  Studies [&hellip

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Cervical Cancer Is Linked to HPV

Posted in Health Conditions, Sexual Health, Women's Health

We've learned a great deal more about cervical cancer.  One of the things we've learned about cervical cancer is the fact that it can be linked to the human papilloma virus.  The human papilloma virus, or HPV, is developed and spread usually through sexual contact.  However, there are vaccines which are very effective at preventing [&hellip

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Evaluating Lower Abdominal Pain

Posted in Sexual Health, Women's Health

Lower abdominal pain certainly is an important issue in women.  One of the things I worry about with lower abdominal pain is whether or not there is a problem with the ovaries.  If there is a difficulty with the ovaries, it could be something that's quite seriously a problem.  Another issue is the fact that [&hellip

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Addressing Pain During Sex

Posted in Ache / Pain, Men's Health, Sexual Health, Women's Health

This is an embarrassing one, not one that many people want to talk about, but pain during sexual activity can actually be a very problematic experience for both partners involved.  When you are talking about this, the number one thing you can do to deal with it is not pain medicine, it's not therapy, it's [&hellip

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Toxic Relationships Can Affect the Heart

Posted in Heart Health, Relationships, Sexual Health

Are you in one of those relationships where you seem to be fighting everyday or feel as if your life would be so much better if you didn't have that other person around?  I'm not talking about someone who you disagree with occasionally, but someone who really affects your day to day approach to life.  [&hellip

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Safety of HPV Vaccine

Posted in Medications, Sexual Health

The HPV vaccine is only the second approved vaccine with the potential to prevent cancer – in this case, cervical cancer.  Three years and over 23 million doses after its distribution began, a new study reviews its safety record

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Evaluating Hormone Replacement Therapy

Posted in Geriatric Health, Sexual Health, Women's Health

Hormone replacement has been often talked about with women.  At one time, it was standard.  Now, with the Women's Health Initiative back in 2002-2003, there are controversies and problems associated with it.  I believe the thing that you have to realize about hormone replacement is that it may not be the answer for you.  You [&hellip

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